Comments from students

As an instructor

  • A perfectly structured and clear course. The weekly quizzes are very useful and allow us to be up to date with the material.

  • A superb introduction to econometrics that develops an interest in evaluating public policies' impacts.

  • A necessary course for students in economics and politics.

  • The course is one of the most relevant in my program. The teacher designs the evaluations to practice real-world skills.

  • An excellent communicator.

  • Very understanding and available. Moreover, the integration of interviews makes the course more dynamic.

  • The teacher takes our success to heart and has a clear idea of his students' profiles. Thus, the evaluations are relevant and of themselves learning opportunities. The teacher is dynamic, clear, and knows how to keep our interest.

  • Great course, loved it. The teacher was very present to answer our questions. I really appreciated the organization.

  • The course is very interesting, and the course load is very reasonable. The exams are representative of the material covered in class. The readings are relevant to complete the material in the videos. Preparatory questions are very useful for preparing for exams.

  • Fascinating course and particularly well taught.

  • The teacher created a good atmosphere of collaboration despite the course being online (via weekly emails, the forum, review sessions). In this sense, it was the best online course that I have had to date. William is friendly and involved, which makes the course very enjoyable.

  • The professor is passionate about the subject and it shows. He answers students' questions and responds quickly on the forum.

  • Key concepts very well explained, easy to understand.

  • Online courses can be difficult to follow in the long term but this one is more interactive thanks to the videos and review sessions. Very good teaching method that allows you to progress at your own pace.10 /10. Response to questions and forums was super fast. Honestly, I would take him again without hesitation.

As a teaching assistant (TA)

  • William was a great TA.

  • I had William as my TA. I liked how he made sure we understood the material in the tutorials.

  • William was very helpful and has always answered my questions. He would even stay after the tutorial and help me out, which I appreciated. He was very clear, concise and easy to follow. Best TA ever!

  • William was very encouraging and helpful in the learning process, going through everything in a detailed and comprehensive manner, encouraging us to participate and not be afraid of making mistakes, and making it a fun learning experience.

  • William was amazing. I loved the pace of the tutorials and he made it very easy to communicate.

  • He was very clear, coherent and easy to follow. I appreciate him answering all my questions throughout the tutorials.

  • William was phenomenal. Most of my learning came from his tutorial.

  • TA William was great and always encouraged participation.

  • [from the instructor] William was one of the best TAs I ever had. He provided invaluable input to grading tests and research advice that will serve me well in future sessions.

  • [from the instructor] You are one of the most efficient (and accurate!) markers I've ever worked with. You also did a tremendous job with student contact. Your all-around talent and hard work have been a great asset to the students and me. Thank you!

Some evaluations were translated (from French) by myself. I will be happy to provide the complete references (all the comments and extensive ratings) upon request.